Landlord’s market emerging

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Remember when doom and gloom spread to the rental market?

Dust off your rental resume, make your lease application shine and suit up for your “rental career.”

It’s becoming a landlord’s market again.

The National Multi Housing Council’s Market Tightness Index, which measures changes in occupancy rates and rents, rose sharply from 38 in October 2009 to 81 in April this year — the highest figure in four years and the sixth straight increase in the measure.

RealFacts found the national average rent for all sizes of apartments was $943 for the first quarter this year, in its most recent national survey of nearly 13,000 apartment complexes with 100 or more units. That figure is up from $932 in the fourth quarter.

While renters need not plan on renting forever, they can gain an edge if they emulate a “career renter” by approaching the rental-housing search much like a professional goes after a top-notch job.

The idea is to be organized, serious and professional in both actions and appearance to demonstrate you will be a good steward for the landlord’s property.

Here’s how.

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