Ashley Halligan blends the location-based world of real estate with a gusto for being on the go


DEADLINE NEWSROOM – Ashley M. Halligan’s nose for real estate news and her deep-seated wanderlust gives her a unique perspective on both housing for staycations and housing for vacations.

Halligan has been a contributing editor with DeadlineNews.Com since late 2011 and interest in her content is so strong, copy she penned back in December 2011 was still on the DeadlineNews.Com’s Top-10 list in March 2012.

Halligan wrote her hit story “Short-term rentals ever more popular, but not without risks,” as a partner piece to “Personal, financial investment returns make short-term rentals ever more popular,” another popular DeadlineNews.Com story.

Boots on the ground

Together, the stories examine the risks and returns of short-term rental properties, both second homes rented out to travelers and vacation rental properties purchased as an investment.

In addition to a degree in journalism, Halligan brings wanderlust to the table.

She’s a “contemporary pilgrim” who engages “The arts of hand-crafting journeys and hand-crafting life,” as a travel writer and travel concierge serving up both trip-planning services and prose that really puts the location, well, in the location.

After only a few articles, Halligan’s content quickly received syndication status in an agreement between DeadlineNews.Com and to publish Halligan’s stories.

She’s got chops

“You can’t squander content like Ashley’s. You have to find a way to share it,” said Broderick Perkins, founder and executive editor of DeadlineNews.Com.

Ashley Halligan also works as a property management analyst for Software Advice, an online resource offering property management software reviews and comparisons.

A 2007 Marietta College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, Halligan also serves as a managing editor at Austin Lifestyle Magazine.

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