DeadlineNews.Com’s Mark K. Hicks is a man with a plan, historic roots in real estate


DEADLINE NEWSROOM – Mark K. Hicks has a penchant for infographics that deliver pertinent real estate information with a punch.

That makes him DeadlineNews.Com’s “Infographic Man.”

Hicks’ professional experience is also steeped in American real estate history.

His father, Malcolm L. Hicks, was one of the first African-American “Realtists” a designation given to members of the National Association of Real Estate Brokers, a real estate trade group comprised largely of African-Americans and other minority real estate professionals.

DeadlineNews.Com is elated to have him as a contributing writer.

Mark K. Hicks is real estate and mortgage broker/owner of The Seabrooke Group in San Jose, CA.

Hicks, who takes a “client for life” approach to business, has more than 20 years real estate experience, including creative financing, foreclosure acquisition, probate sales and tax-deferred exchanges.

Hicks, from a historic perspective, says land and property ownership is tied to empowerment, because, well, money talks.

“I really believe in this because I really think that this is a way that we can create wealth for generations to come,” he says.

Hicks’ father teamed up with Dempsey Travis of Travis Realty Company in Chicago and author of “Real Estate Is The Gold In Your Future” (Urban Research Press, 1988) along with Ernest Collins, 1965 founder of the Seaway National Bank (now Seaway Bank and Trust Co.), to help integrate Chicago’s Southside by offering real estate and lending services to counter discriminatory lending and housing practices common in the area from the 1940s through much of the 1960s.

Said Hicks of his father, “His message was always ‘Home ownership is the way to build wealth to take advantage of the American system’.”

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