The energy of paint

Photo by AnnMarie from Venusian Fusion

Paint is a fascinating material.

On the physical level, paint is applied to a surface as a liquid. Through a chemical process the liquid becomes a solid, a thin coating that bonds with your wall – which is kind of cool to think about. The coating can be a variety of colors, textures, or layers to create visual effects that are even cooler.

From an energetic perspective, paint in its liquid form is a plastic substance with a vibration that can be altered. Once the paint dries its vibration becomes fixed, sealed into the surface of the wall, forming an imprint. The imprint emits a vibration in a frequency that permeates the quality of experience in that room. It creates a subtle atmosphere – a space of consciousness – that effects the quality of all the activities that take place there.

Every time you paint a room, you are creating a vibrational imprint. This imprint reflects your state of being at the time you create it.

For example, if you are happy and excited to paint your room in the uplifting shade of green that inspires you, this uplifting vibration gets imprinted on and into your walls. If you resent painting the room and are angry your partner won’t help you, then a heavy, resentful vibrational frequency will permeate the room. If you hire painters who don’t take pride in their work and just want to get the job finished, paid and on with their lives, a survival attitude will subtly influence your space, your choices, and your behavior.

Here are three tips to use when you paint to change the energy of your room:

Top down design

Take some preliminary time considering what energy you want your room to vibrate – even before you choose a color – light and uplifting or earthy and cozy? Do you need a productive or creative energy for your home office? Do you want your kitchen to be a haven of nourishing, satisfying energy? Perhaps you want to ignite more intimate energy for a new partner you want to invite into your life. Perhaps you are after the energy of a greater level of abundance?

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Once you’re clear about the energy you desire, you have to feel that desire and energy. How does that energy feel to your body, in your general awareness? Does it tickle your belly? Does it warm your heart? Does it make you tingle all over, or bring you to a quiet, grounded space? Feel that energy, then choose your colors based on that feeling. This is key. The process works outside your discursive mind, and gets you in touch with your authentic desires. Once you can feel it, you can embody what you want and create space for it to unfold in your life.

Charging your paint

Before you begin to paint your walls, spend a few moments going inside. Sit down with your paint can in front of you and remove the lid. Close your eyes. Breathe. Go back to that energy you want your room to exude. Revel in this feeling. Be open to the feeling more and more deeply until it becomes tangible, light, a vibration through your whole being. When you fully feel that energy, rub your hands together at chest height.

Now, slightly separate your hands and feel the energy as if it was a ball between them. Then gently extend your hands, one on each side of the paint can, palms facing inwards. Let the energy flow though your heart, into your hands, then permeating the paint. You can have your eyes softly open or closed, but take as long as you need, until you feel satisfied that the energy of the paint resonates with the energy inside you.

Getting out of your mind

As you paint, let go of your worries, nagging fears, and repetitive thoughts that do not support you. Focus on what you are creating. Fall in love with the color you’ve chosen, be more conscious of every inch of the room you are transforming. Feel how much you will enjoy being there once the work is complete. And during it all, hold the energy of what you want it all to feel like inside you. Radiate.

If you get distracted, say by a phone call, make sure that the conversation resonates with the energy you are holding. Otherwise leave the room until it’s over and then spend a moment closing your eyes and re-engaging the energy before resuming.

A client I’m coaching to paint her home office gave me this great tip: “I light a candle before I begin painting, and then when I’m done I blow it out. It helps me bring a greater awareness to the work I’m doing, and gives my painting sessions a clear beginning and ending – no fuzzy gray area.”

I hope that you find these tips useful for improving the energy of your living spaces. If you give any of these suggestions a whirl, I’d love to hear about your experiences and answer any questioins you have.

Meanwhile, keep shining.

Photo by: AnnMarie from Venusian Fusion

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