Infographic: Mashup offers insight on landlord, tenant wants, needs, gripes, issues


What renters want. The most annoying rule in rental living. The most common complaint landlords hear. How likely you are to get evicted.

There’s no particular single theme to this infographic offered by, “The Truth About Renting An Apartment,” but it does provide some thought-provoking landlord and tenant statistics inquiring minds may want to know.

And what the heck. It’s a pleasant diversion from the current, manic rent-vs-buy comparisons. says it compiled often-repeated sentiments in recent surveys to gather some insights from both landlords and renters regarding past and current tenants and apartments. asks, “Ever wondered what the top five things renters hate about apartments are or why landlords really evicted tenants?”

Here are the answers.

Mouse over the infographic below and click to enlarge and learn.

The Truth About Renting an Apartment

by Rent Share. Browse more infographics.

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