Journalists have what it takes to thrive in content marketing


DEADLINE NEWSROOM – Most struggling journalists already have the skill set necessary – with a little retooling – to join the content marketing parade.

And they might as well, given the eroding confidence in the credibility of the business.

I’m just saying.

You may have to convince corporate cowboys to pull the reins back on their industrial English and allow a more direct journalistic style of writing to give their message greater credibility, but when it comes to where accomplished writers are going, the writing’s on the wall.

BlueGlass Interactive’s infographic “The Content Marketing Explosion” below, reads like a list of job requirements professional journalists can fulfill in their sleep.

The No. 1 tool used by business-to-business content marketers is what journalists do – articles. Stories. Copy. Content. Blogs and newsletters aren’t far behind.

Older scribes will have to bone up on social networking, SEO (search engine optimization) skills and a touch of graphic design, but today’s technology makes those tasks easy and well worth your time – without going back to old school.

Marketers invest 26 percent of their total budgets in content marketing and 62 percent of them outsource to independents. Also, 60 percent of marketers plan to spend more on content marketing.

What’s more, Google also is “looking” for better content – unique, exclusive content. The search God recently smote crappy content sites and seeks to reward high quality sites with improved ranks.

Fundamentals apply

Nothing’s really changed.

Remember in the heyday of daily print journalism and how the best newspapers went to the top of the heap? Same deal.

The fundamentals still apply in today’s world of content marketing and true journalists have the unique knack of getting answers to questions yet asked and finding sources of information that supposedly don’t exist – on deadline.

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Check out “Content Marketing: Next Big Buzz,” and mouse over the graphic below. Click to enlarge.

The Content Marketing Explosion

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