Tips for painting a child’s room


Are you redecorating your child’s room?

Children are different from adults at many different levels. Physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually, children’s needs are unique.

Below are a few tips to guide you when painting your child’s room.

It is essential that kids take part in the decision making process and are given space to voice their needs throughout the process.

That makes the painting process empowering to the child. He or she will be imprinted with the project’s experience.

Make a plan

Taking apart a room can create a level of chaos. Mitigate this by having a plan in place before the project starts.

Before the project begins, discuss logistics with your child. Where will they sleep during the painting process? Where is a good place to keep their toys and other items they will want access to during the project?

Allow the child to help choose the colors and designs for their space. Show them a range of examples in colors, paint effects, or images that you deem appropriate and ask them to help choose.

At the appropriate age, kids can help with some of the work. Let them. Get them involved in tasks they can manage. Allow them to be participants in the experience. It’s a teaching moment. They should learn as much as they can.

Make it fun

Be prepared for the half-way point freak out.

This is particularly necessary if you are using a specialty painting technique that requires the painting job to develop in layers.

Sometimes when the painting is only partially done, children (and adults!) balk and lost patience.

Listen. Be calm. All is not lost. Suggest that they see one wall with the finished effect before changing the whole plan. Talk about the energy of paint.

What’s most important is to keep the project fun.

Working with a parent or mentor teaches children more than just how to get a job done. It will show them how adults solve problems, how they address challenges and what attitude they bring to work.

When you inject fun into the project, you communicate care, warmth, love and opening, all of which create a truly priceless learning experience for your child.

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