Let Brainiacs paint your home, pay your mortgage for a year


Brainiacs from Mars will pay your mortgage for up to a year if you left them emblazon your home with their ads painted in bright colors that could make your neighbors protest and puke.

Formerly known as Adzookie, Brainiacs creates marketing campaigns that are out of this world and are looking for houses to turn into billboards.

Note the “houses” rather than condos. Your homeowners association will never let you get away with it.

Using your home as a billboard also is likely to raise eyebrows, fines or other repercussions down at the local zoning and permits office. Such an effort may only be allowed for properties zoned for commercial use.

For those who do qualify, and get away with it, in exchange for the angry mob that descends upon your front lawn, Brainiacs will pay your mortgage for up to a year.

It’s mortgage relief with a free paint job.

Small print

You must own your home and live there. It can’t be rented or leased.

The paint job includes the entire outside of your house, minus the roof, windows and awnings. Painting takes three to five days.

Your home must remain painted for one month to begin to get your mortgage payment paid.

If, for any reason, after one month you or Brainiacs decides to cancel, they’ll repaint your house back to the original color.

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