‘Replacement Referees’ vs. Replacement Realtors


If you don’t live on Mars, you already know what happens in professional football when the National Football League (NFL) sidelines professional referees and sends in the replacements.


A replacement ref’s flubbed end-zone call incorrectly decided the fate of a Monday night football game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.


The bad call generated some 70,000 voice mails from irate fans, encouraging the NFL to end the shut out on the regular refs and put them back to work, ASAP.

Expect much cheering as they retake the field tonight for the Cleveland Browns-Baltimore Ravens game on Thursday Night Football.

Are you ready for some real football?

Movoto couldn’t resist the brouhaha and used an infographic, “Replacement Referees V Replacement Realtors,” to let home buyers and sellers in on what it would be like if their professionals were sent to the locker room.

Click on the infographic below to get the score.

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