Where you are most likely to experience ‘connectile dysfunction’ and lose your grip on your iPhone


In an effort to sell you a protection plan for your iPhone, an electronics and appliance warranty provider scoped out where you are most likely to experience ‘connectile dysfunction’ and wreck your precious unit.

Half of iPhone accidents happen around the home, most commonly in the kitchen but also in the laundry, in the driveway and in the bathroom – sometimes right into the pooper – according to SquareTrade.


SquareTrade’s offbeat “2012 Device Danger Zone Survey” survey conducted by Survey Sampling International, found that 51 percent of iPhone mishaps occur around the home, including:

  • The kitchen, 21 percent. Splash.
  • The living room, 17 percent. Hmmmm.
  • The bathroom, 16 percent. Plop.
  • The driveway, 10 percent. Crunch.
  • The bedroom, 8 percent. Yes! Yes! Yes!

The percentages don’t quite add up and when we called and emailed numerous times to ask where the other 49 percent of iPhone mishaps occurred SquareTrade did not respond. We figured they were busy selling protection plans.

The study also revealed “unusual” iPhone accidents – 9 percent were toilet drops, 6 percent slid off the top of a car and 5 percent occurred when the iPhone wound up in the washing machine.

“Smartphones have become our third hand – our instinctual resource for information and entertainment,” commented Ty Shay, SquareTrade’s CMO.

“Whether or not you’re the one in ten that drops your iPhone in the toilet, you’re likely taking your phone everywhere, and that habit needs protection,” Shay said, true to form.

Maybe that habit needs some correction.

You really can wait until after you flush to socially connect.

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