Selling to buyers shopping for a home during the holidays


KIM CLARK – ‘Tis the season to deck the halls and trim the tree, but beware that you don’t overdo it if your home will be staying on the market through the season.

Many begin to wonder if leaving their home on the market through the holiday season is a good decision. The overall opinion of most real estate agents “Yes.”

Many buyers want to find a new home under the tree for a host of reasons.

For starters, buyers looking for a home during the six weeks between Nov. 15 and New Year’s Day are typically extraordinarily committed.

Holiday home shoppers

They could be preparing for a job change that requires a move out of the area. Others could be entertaining the idea of coming to the area and find the holidays the perfect time to give the neighborhood the once over. Still others are attempting to make a large purchase before the New Year to cash in on the tax benefits of home ownership.

With knowledge the buyers are serious, you need to know how to draw them in and keep their attention long enough for them to make an offer.

Curb appeal does wonders for attracting buyers to your home.

A gaudy holiday display with Santa waving from the roof, Frosty planted on the lawn and the house draped in multicolored flashing lights is not recommended. A simple pine cone wreath and clean and clear walkway is much more inviting.

Once potential buyers cross the threshold, an engaging home home will keep buyers touring.

Warmth sells

Start with an appealing aroma. Scents are key to human memory.

Put some mulled cider on the stove. Add a tray of warm cookies, mugs and a “Help yourself” placeholder on a counter or table to keep the potential buyer in the kitchen long enough for them to notice the decor, appliances and that cozy, intimate, homey feeling.

Lighten your home to compensate for the short, gray days and you’ll have them touring long after sunset.

If you have a fireplace, light it and drape attractive, seasonal throws over the back of chairs to further enhance that warm, congenial feeling.

Decorate the interior of your home, just go easy on the tinsel. A small smartly decorated tree or simple menorah is fine.

Keep decorations simple

Avoid larger statues or gaudy figurines that trumpet your faith. That could be a turnoff for some buyers. Leave the all-out holiday decor for another year.

When your home is ready for holiday touring, make sure you board Fido and Kitty, send them to the neighbor’s or otherwise keep them out of sight. Clear the air of kitty litter odors and other offensive pet smells.

Finally, tidy and organize every room of your home.

After all your work, it’s up to your home.Chances are it’ll sell it self, again, a much more likely possibility than you think during the busy holiday season.


Kim Clark, a former pediatric nurse, is broker owner of Bayside Realty Consultants in Cape Cod, MA. She specializes in residential real estate, waterfront homes, dock homes, golf homes and 1031 tax exchanges, primarily on a referral basis. Her firm also offers home watch services, building consulting, remodeling assistance, and commercial realty services.

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