Quick tips for a fast sale


When it’s time to sell your home, it’s the little things that count.

Here’s a hot list of cool moves that make your home more saleble, at a higher price.

Capitalize on first impressions

• Sweep the street in front of your house and clear all steps and walkways of debris, including pet droppings.

• Make sure the siding on your house is clean. Wash all the windows until they sparkle.

• Consider a fresh coat of paint. At least paint the trim, front door and shutters.

• Check all lighting to make sure they work. Install new bulbs, if needed.

Pump up curb appeal

• Water and mow the lawn. Rake the leaves.

• Trim trees. Plant colorful flowers.

• Stow bicycles, toys, gardening equipment and other items typically left outside or in the yard.

• Garage the car or park on the street to leave ample parking for prospective buyers.

Set the stage

Organize. Remove all clutter, including items such as small appliances, gadgets, toys and memorabilia.

• Hide or temporarily disconnect tangles of obtrusive extension cords, computer network wiring, cables and like wiring or cabling.

• Organize cabinets to demonstrate ample storage space.

• Recycle or store away newspapers, magazines and other publications.

• Board pets, send them to the neighbors or keep them out of sight. Remove pet odors, put away the litter box, store pet toys.

• Bake cookies, burn scented candles or fire up the fireplace to make the house smell pleasant and feel cozy.

• Stash valuables, including medications, in a safe, secure place.

Offer informative disclosures, via fact sheets, brochures

• Have any inspection on hand.

• Provide a list of all home improvements, new appliances, fixtures, etc.

• Prepare take away brochures and flyers about the property, the neighborhood, area schools and local services, attractions and destinations.

Be a good neighbor

• Make sure your agent has communicated with the neighbors to inform them of any open house dates.

• Invite the neighbors for a private showing one hour prior to the public open house.

About the author

A DeadlineNews.Com Silicon Valley Contributing Writer, Julie Wyss is a short sale and luxury home specialist serving Silicon Valley, CA. Wyss is a broker associate with Intero Real Estate Services-Los Gatos, CA and mortgage broker at North Star Mortgage Associates. Wyss, who has represented buyers and sellers the the San Francisco Bay Area for a decade that spans the housing bust, has also served as an expert media source for DeadlineNews.Com. Network with Julie Wyss on LinkedIn.

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