Cleaning house with ease


Cleaning you home is a dirty job, but somebody’s got to do it.

Finding someone to do it right, takes a “down and dirty” approach, if you get the drift.

And, unfortunately, it’s that time of year for “spring cleaning.” God forbid.

A new, somewhat self-serving survey by Handybook reveals that consumers not only feel stressed about cleaning their homes, but they also get the willies over searching for a reliable, trustworthy household cleaning provider.

Handybook, by the way, is a real-time booking service that lets consumers book cleaning and handyman services in 90 seconds or less, they promise.

Their survey said more than half of respondents said their inability to find a maid leaves them feeling stressed, and it even takes a toll on relationships — 37 percent of couples admit to arguing about cleaning at least once a month. Poor things.

For those who are able to find a maid or handyman to tackle those household chores, reliability and tardiness seem to be the biggest issues.

An overwhelming 92 percent of consumers who have hired a maid have experienced tardiness of ten minutes or more, while nearly 42 percent said they’ve dealt with a maid, plumber or handyman who was an hour or more late. And, six percent fell victim to a household service provider who never showed up at all.

Booking on Handybook

To combat stressful situations and unreliable service providers, the Handybook platform makes booking an appointment to fix a broken pipe or get your kitchen floors washed as easy as ordering shoes or pizza online. Simply go to and search for the service required. Each listed provider is pre-screened, pre-approved and guaranteed to show up on time, leaving consumers with a hassle-free process from start to finish.

“Although 82 percent of people think finding a household service provider would take an hour or more, that’s simply not the case,” said Umang Dua, Co-Founder and COO of Handybook.

“Handybook proves that it doesn’t have to be a stressful or time-consuming process. In only 90 seconds, you can book an appointment to get your house cleaned from wall to wall or check something off your honey-do list,” Dua said.

Consumers list “being too busy” and “feeling distracted” as the prominent reasons to avoid cleaning, even though you really don’t need a reason not to clean. And while many would like to hire help, more than 25 percent say they are just not sure whom to trust.

And then there’s the cost. That also can be a turn off.

Of those who have hired a maid to help, nearly a third say they felt ripped off or unsure about the price they paid for the service.

The survey also revealed consumers’ preferences in cleaning particular rooms of the house. Not surprisingly, 57 percent said the bathroom is their least favorite room to clean. Well, it’s gross.

But perhaps more shocking, 34 percent said they’ve gone one month or more without cleaning their bathroom in the past year.

That’s even more gross.

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