Homeownership counseling can save your most valuable asset


DEADLINE NEWSROOM – Home ownership counseling has become as necessary for home ownership as the money you’ll need to invest in what’s likely your most valuable asset.

Studies reveal why certified counseling should be the No.1 step on the road to home ownership – before checking your credit, before hiring a real estate agent – and why many of today’s mortgages and mortgage assistance programs are unavailable without it.

Erate.com’s special three-part series on home ownership counseling is a must-read for first-time home buyers, move-up buyers and anyone considering buying a home, now or in the future.

And guess what? Counseling is free!

The Erate.com Homeownership Counseling Series includes:

“Mortgage reform regulations, mortgage relief programs, special mortgages mandate home ownership counseling – for good reason”

Learn why a growing number of mortgage programs mandate home ownership counseling and how effective counseling can be, even when the market tanks and other homeowners struggle to pay the mortgage.

“What’s to learn from home ownership counseling?”

Home ownership counseling is the otherwise non-existent manual for home ownership. Counseling also works hand it hand with new regulations that mandate certain mortgage lending and servicing rules. Get an overview of what you need to know, even if you aren’t quite ready to buy.

“Inside the lessons of home ownership counseling”

Certified pre-purchase home ownership counseling includes five basic topics: assessing readiness to buy a home; budgeting and credit; financing a home; selecting a home and maintaining a home and finances. Go inside the curriculum of a free, 8-hour home ownership-counseling program to learn how you’ll be schooled.

And remember, counseling is available for anyone, at no cost.

The Erate.com Homeownership Counseling Series was created for Erate.com by Broderick Perkins, Executive Editor and Founder of DeadlineNews.Com.

Learn more about home ownership counseling and programs that mandate it on DeadlineNews.Com, where you can read more “News that really hits home!”

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