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Watch for National Mortgage Settlement updates here and elsewhere Deadline looms for Independent Foreclosure Review
Time’s running out for housing consumers who stand to collect as much as $125,000 if they were wronged by abusive foreclosure procedures.
Dec. 31, 2012 is the third and final deadline for filing a claim under the “Independent Foreclosure Review.” “Lenders’ compliance due on hundreds of National Mortgage Settlement servicing standards”
Mortgage lenders should be in compliance with hundreds of new mortgage servicing standards required under the National Mortgage Settlement. “National Mortgage Settlement banks dole out $10.6 billion to needy homeowners”
The $25-billion National Mortgage Settlement has netted nearly 138,000 homeowners financial relief averaging from $4,600 to as much as $116,000 during the first four months of the program.

DeadlineNews.Com PDF file: “First Take: Progress Report from the Monitor of the National Mortgage Settlement”
The National Mortgage Settlement has doled out more than $10.6 billion to some 138,000 consumers, some netting $116,000 or more in forgiven mortgage principal. Also see the interactive Tumblr version “National Mortgage Settlement outreach effort one-ups Independent Foreclosure Review”
Federal and state officials recently rolled out a pumped up outreach effort to help consumers connect with the benefits available under the $25-billion National Mortgage Settlement (NMS). “National Mortgage Settlement gets Mortgage Settlement Oversight office”
If you have questions, concerns or complaints about the National Mortgage Settlement, contact your attorney general’s office or the settlement office direct, but Joe’s also your guy. “Bank of America extends principal reduction modification offers to 200,000 struggling homeowners”
If Bank of America’s National Mortgage Settlement deal is any indication of what’s to come from other lenders, hard-working homeowners who pay their mortgage are, well, it rhymes with shucked. “National Mortgage Settlement, high-profile cases prompt more consumers to litigate mortgage grievances”
More struggling mortgage consumers, fed up with unresponsive lenders and federal housing programs that don’t work for them, are taking matters into their own hands by seeking legal remedies. “CFPB mortgage servicing rules expand mortgage industry’s regulatory overhaul”
Underscoring how unhinged the mortgage industry has become, yet another round of mortgage servicing rules is coming down the pike, this time from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

RealtyTimes.Com: “National Mortgage Settlement Also A Military Victory”
The $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement for civilians, includes additionally funded provisions for military veterans and service members who were victims of foreclosure abuses or who were wronged in the mortgage process.

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