Mortgage application dos and don’ts


The mortgage application maze is pockmarked with obstacles.

If you don’t watch your Ps and Qs you won’t know the DOs and DON’Ts you should engage during the process.

Like, don’t go fooling around with your money. Leave larger purchases for later and don’t create more indebtedness.

But do stay in touch with your lender to, say advise your lender of any changes in information you provided and to ask any questions you have during the process.

Mortgage Capital Associates says it all best in Kimberly Rotter’s infographic, which you need to peruse if you are about to open a mortgage application.

Rotter knows her stuff.

She’s a mortgage, real estate and personal finance writer, businesswoman and mother in San Diego, CA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English, a master’s degree in business administration, and a graduate certificate in distance education.

Mortgage application tips

Mouse over and click the infographic below to get the scoop.

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Source: Infographic: Dos and Don’ts During the Mortgage Process (Infographic), by Kimberly Rotter.

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A DeadlineNews.Com Silicon Valley Contributing Writer, with a penchant for the quick, story-telling capability of infographics, Mark K. Hicks is broker/owner of The Seabrooke Group in San Jose, CA. Hicks, who takes a "client for life" approach to business, has more than 20 years real estate experience, including creative financing, foreclosure acquisition, probate sales and tax-deferred exchanges. Network with Hicks on LinkedIn.

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