Infograpic: What makes Millennials tick?


Millennials, those aged from 18 to 35 are the next big wave of home buyers beginning to move through the home buying market and real estate agents had better bone up and get to know what they want and don’t want.

They don’t want their parents home.

A tech-equipped home is more important than curb appeal.

And they expect you to use more than just a land-line to stay in touch.

But it’s not just about their approach to real estate, though many of them are hitting some markets sooner than others.

According to a market consumer insight report from Scarborough Research Millennialls are tend to be:

• Sociable. If you don’t have good listening skills, stick with older clients. Millennials can be chatterboxes.

• Savers. Don’t try to empty their bank accounts with a home that’s too big. Watching parents suffer through the housing crisis sank in.

• Environmentally conscious. Forty-seven percent indicated paying a little more for an energy efficient home won’t scare them off. They’ve got the savings.

• Cause inspired. Many Millennials expect the brands they buy to support social causes and they are more likely to buy a brand they know supports a charity. That should be a problem for real estate agents, most of whom are community involved.

Millennial breakdown

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A DeadlineNews.Com Silicon Valley Contributing Writer, with a penchant for the quick, story-telling capability of infographics, Mark K. Hicks is broker/owner of The Seabrooke Group in San Jose, CA. Hicks, who takes a "client for life" approach to business, has more than 20 years real estate experience, including creative financing, foreclosure acquisition, probate sales and tax-deferred exchanges. Network with Hicks on LinkedIn.

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