Broderick Perkins – Executive Editor/Founder

Broderick Perkins, was the first real estate journalist to manage a daily newspaper’s online real estate section. He parlayed more than 30 years of old-school journalism into a digital real estate news service offering “News that really hits home!” — the Silicon Valley bootstrap, DeadlineNews Group. The group includes DeadlineNews.Com, the backshop, Deadline Newsroom and a host of clients. Network with Broderick Perkins on LinkedIn. Contact him at BroderickPerkins@DeadlineNews.Com.

Robert Aldana – Silicon Valley Correspondent

Robert Aldana, a father to three beautiful daughters, is a 25-year real estate veteran and publisher of “,” a digital spin-off of a popular television and radio show of the same name. Through “Lets Talk Real Estate,” for 15 years, Aldana has guided and counseled thousands of real estate consumers. Aldana has also been featured on the HGTV Show “Sleep on It” and NBC/KRON TV’s “The Best of the Bay”. His personable and insightful real estate market commentary channels the humor and charm of Johnny Carson and, not surprisingly, is regularly featured by local and national media outlets. Aldana is most proud of his volunteer work as president and founder of many non-profit organizations. He has also served as a director and vice chairman for the California Association of Realtors. He is also a member of the National Association of Realtors. Network with Robert Aldana on LinkedIn. Contact him at

Ned Buratovich – Web Master, Editorial Artist

Ned Buratovich is a web master, designer, online consultant, writer and owner-operator of a web development company, He has been a software engineer for 25 years and a professional presenter for 10 years.
Network with Ned Buratovich on LinkedIn. Contact him at

Crystal Chow – Associate Editor

Crystal Chow is a longtime communications professional who started as a copy editor at Guns & Ammo magazine in Los Angeles. Her next role was associate editor at Playgirl magazine, from which she moved to the Bay Area to work at two high-tech companies before joining the San Jose Mercury News. There she was editor of two features sections, Celebrations and Style, before switching to Marketing Special Sections, where her purview included real estate, the Best of Silicon Valley and women’s health and fitness. She is a contributing writer to Scene, a women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. Network with Crystal Chow on LinkedIn. Contact her at

Ashley Halligan – Contributing Editor

Ashley Halligan is a property management analyst for Software Advice, an online resource offering property management software reviews and comparisons. Halligan, a 2007 Marietta College graduate with a bachelor’s degree in journalism, is also a freelance travel writer and managing editor of Austin Lifestyle Magazine.Follow Ashley Halligan on Twitter or connect on LinkedIn. Contact her at

Mark K. Hicks – Contributing Writer

Mark K. Hicks is broker/owner of The Seabrooke Group in San Jose, CA. Hicks takes a “client for life” approach to business and has more than 20 years real estate experience, including creative financing, foreclosure acquisition, probate sales and tax-deferred exchanges. Network with Mark K. Hicks on LinkedIn. Contact him at

Peter Miller – Syndicated Columnist

Peter Miller is a nationally-syndicated real estate columnist and a contributor to leading online sites. He is the author of seven books, all originally published by Harper & Row. He has appeared in broadcast and print interviews with leading media including Oprah, CNN, the Today Show, National Public Radio and the New York Times. Miller was the creator and original host of the AOL Real Estate Center and a past editor of Today he hosts, a leading source of real estate news, information and opinion. Network with Peter Miller on LinkedIn. Contact him at

Hayley Perkins – Interest Rate Writer

Corbin Perkins is an editorial intern from Leigh High School, San Jose, CA. Contact him at Corbin Perkins@DeadlineNews.Com

Special Reports

“By Special Report” stories are produced by invited guest writers and others who are not staff members. Special Reports also include newswire reports, reprinted materials, press releases, advertorials and other content not produced by DeadlineNews.Com or its staff. The author or source of any Special Report is named within the story. Links to the original source are also typically provided. We welcome contributors with articles that meet our editorial standards and style.

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