What We Do

DeadlineNews Group is a pioneer digital news service and web site with a foundation in old-school journalism. Our experience dates back to 1978.

We offer editorial content, related editorial content consulting services, publishing and web site management services for online media outlets and other content-driven web sites. We also offer editorial content and consulting services for print-only publications. See our “DLN News Network” menu on the front page.

Also see: “DeadlineNews.Com is the real estate news media’s credit union”

When it comes to editorial content, we are solutions oriented. If we don’t know the answer, we know how to find it.

DeadlineNews.Com is DeadlineNews Group’s online flagship publication. It is both a news site and a living portfolio of our work, offering hundreds of examples of the level of content we can offer for your publication.

Our staff and regular contributors generally fill our pages with content based on the tenents of journalism and style based on the AP Stylebook – though we’ve been known to stray from both, just a bit.

Outside contributions aren’t discouraged, but we generally choose our own additional content. Outside writers, publishers, contributors and content producers can also consider publishing content on our site under our “branded pages” service and ride on our coattails.

• The Deadline Newsroom is our backshop, where the marketing division meets to prepare and distribute press releases and other marketing materials, including free content for your web site.

We specialize in real estate news, consumer news and personal finance news, as well as content that goes off beat once in a while, but as a service founded on the principles of journalism, we can produce editorial content for virtually any subject.

We offer original content to fit the specifications of your publication and, for those on a budget, we offer content from our archives and other sources.

• Our services are not available for trade, “exposure” or other forms of non-U.S. cash payment. Prices are negotiable, but don’t insult us by asking us to work for peanuts. We aren’t pachyderms. We don’t run a content mill.

We have a strong staff of professionals.

We are a on a decidedly for-profit mission.

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