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Is the residential real estate inventory shortgage real?

A steady stream of claims that the real estate marketplace somehow has an inventory shortage can’t be true when, at the same time, there is an annual increase in the number of distressed properties for sale, properties typically sold at a discount.

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Who will get the real mortgage crisis profits?

The stock market has reached new highs, home sales are soaring and interest rates are in near record lows. All this suggests the end of the housing crisis is


Why mortgage rates will fall in 2013

Sign me up with those who think that rates are about to fall from ridiculously low to ridiculously lower. For much of the past year mortgage rates have bounced


Replace FEMA with a private disaster relief czar?

It looks like New York and New Jersey will suddenly need 20,000 to 40,000 emergency housing units as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Not since Hurricane Katrina has the


Are ‘independent’ foreclosure reviews a hoax?

Roughly 17 million foreclosure filings were sent out between 2007 and 2011 according to RealtyTrac, the foreclosure listings and data resource. While a lot of default notices, scheduled auctions


4.4 million letters announcing free foreclosure reviews net 300,000 requests, deadline for filing extended again

The federal government has mailed nearly 4.4 million letters announcing a free foreclosure review program that could net foreclosed homeowners up to $125,000 or more, but only some


Virgins, foreclosures and auctions

We usually associate real estate auctions with foreclosures and other unhappy events, but Pam McKissick argues that auctions should have a wider role in today’s residential market. McKissick, the


Will China debt raise US mortgage rates?

Our growing debt to China is much in the news, so will it lead to higher mortgage rates? Worries about what we owe to China are much more of


Will higher gas prices translate to higher mortgage rates?

Gas prices are rising in the US and it makes you wonder: will mortgage rates soon be rising as well? The questions are not unrelated. In basic terms, the


Mortgage fraud focus overlooks predatory lending evils

The government recently announced it has started a high-level task force to prevent mortgage fraud. This sounds great, but is mortgage fraud really a big worry? The Office of the

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