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Mortgage reform targets high-cost mortgages

The landmark overhaul of federal mortgage regulations also includes protections for consumers with high-cost mortgages and includes updated rules for escrow accounts and homeownership counseling.

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Ability to repay ‘Qualified Mortgages’ centerpiece of landmark mortgage reform

A landmark overhaul of federal mortgage regulations is on its way to help prevent the kind of abusive mortgage practices that contributed to bringing down the housing market


Q&A: What is the ‘Qualified Mortgage’ rule?

The Qualified Mortgage (QM) rule, also called the "Ability To Repay" rule, is the first-ever attempt at defining and establishing qualifying standards for borrowers applying for mortgage loans.  Under


Why the 30-year-fixed mortgage rate should be below 3%

Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve, must be tearing out what's left of his hair. He has increased the Federal Reserve's balance sheet to an all time high


Still higher FHA costs in the pipeline

Recent Federal Housing Administration (FHA) steps won't be enough to restore FHA's reserve requirements as mandated by Congress. Last month, the FHA announced an increase in mortgage insurance premiums


Homeownership after a short sale, foreclosure, bankruptcy

The mortgage meltdown came with a rapid depreciation in real estate values resulting in financial crises for many homeowners who managed to get through it with a short


2013 conforming loan limits by the numbers

The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) recently announced that the maximum conforming loan limits for mortgages acquired by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in 2013 will remain unchanged


New regulations undercutting housing recovery

Since the mortgage meltdown of 2007, new regulations have descended like a plague on the mortgage industry. While consumer advocates think there's still more regulatory work to be done,


FHA to raise mortgage insurance premiums, prolong premium payment period

If you are considering a Federal Housing Administration (FHA) mortgage, do so before new, costlier changes take effect. The FHA plans to hike mortgage insurance premiums (MIP) -


‘Qualified Mortgage’ remains a qualified quandary

Bank executives are talking about it, credit union officials are talking about it, loan officers are talking about it, even the president and presidential candidate are talking about it. It's the so-called "qualified


Higher ‘g-fee’ offsets recent mortgage closing cost savings

Just when you thought home loans were getting cheaper, the little-known "g-fee" is getting bigger. The Federal Housing Financial Agency (FHFA) recently announced an increase of 10 basis points


Will the Fed’s attempt to juice the economy bear fruit?

Last week, the Federal Reserve announced it would attempt to keep mortgage rates low until 2015 to help spur housing and the economy, but the trillion dollar question


Fannie Mae tightens underwriting rules for condo, refinance loans, borderline borrowers

Fannie Mae is putting the squeeze on underwriting guidelines this fall, making it tougher for some condo, borderline and refinancing borrowers to land a home loan. Effective Oct. 20,


San Jose, CA housing market recovering as spring market heats up

The Spring 2012 housing market for Sans Jose and Santa Clara County appears to be off to a strong start according to real time market data and anecdotal

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