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Who is your typical friendly neighborhood real estate agent?

The National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2013 Member Profile Survey is based on a random sampling of NAR’s membership, to answer the question “Who are NAR’s real estate agent members?” The survey examines a variety of economic and demographic characteristics, and business practices. Here’s the scoop.

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What to expect from your real estate attorney

Buying or selling a home is a complicated process loaded with mountains of paperwork and esoteric legalese. Navigating the ins and outs of the closing process can be particularly


Racial, ethnic minorities face covert housing discrimination

“To detect housing discrimination today, HUD and local fair housing organizations need to conduct proactive testing, especially in the sales market, where discrimination appears higher than in the


Housing recovery lures FSBOs

LAURA N. OATLEY - Buyers are pitted against investors scrambling to snatch up flash sales that sell in 24 hours. Pocket listings also never see the light of


Pause for the clause; a little something extra for sales contracts

Even in a sellers' market as hot as it is today, contractual risks lurk, but there are ways sellers can contractually protect themselves. Conventional home sale contracts typically include


Is your real estate agent really working for you?

"You need to use a little truth serum to get prospective real estate agents to come clean." BECKI SALTZMAN - Before you sell your home, agree to a listing


Jekyll-Hyde real estate agent force closes deal

There's something both benevolent and sinister about this real estate agent. You'd like to join him for a spot of tea, but you wouldn't want to meet him in


April is ‘Fair Housing Month,’ for good reason

Welcome to National Fair Housing Month. On April 11, 1968, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Civil Rights Act of 1968, an expansion of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. The


Infographic: Housing is back, baby!

The housing recovery is here to stay, according to a survey of some 330,000 ActiveRain members who say 2013 will prove them right. The surveyed real estate agents said: •


Seven seller slip-ups that send buyers packing

Sure it's a sellers' market, but that doesn't mean it's a fool proof market. Sellers who approach the market like a cocky kid who thinks he or she knows


‘Harlem Shake’ shakes up real estate industry

No, those aren't real estate agents above. We'll get to that later. After our Movoto Harlem Shake story earlier this week, we were surprised at a recent Silicon Valley


A good real estate agent speaks your language

LILLIAN MONTALTO - When you're buying a new home, you can't afford to have your needs lost in translation. However, it can be difficult to put into words exactly


‘Harlem Shake’ Movoto style

Forget flash mobs. Move over Gangnam Style. The Harlem Shake is the new public performance art gone viral. Even the real estate industry is getting into the act. Take a look


Infographic: How home buyers use technology

When searching for a real estate agent, make sure he or she is tech savvy. You are. The point person in your quest for your dream home should be


New home building recovery’s labor shortage makes new home inspection mandatory

You'll be asking to suffer through building defects if you plan to buy a new home from the current supply on the assembly line and don't also make

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