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Regulations, shopping around help push mortgage closing costs down

Critics complain about regulatory control over the mortgage industry, but new rules are paying off for consumers who face closing costs.

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CFPB taps public input to put new, more transparent mortgage disclosures in the pipeline

One of the most daunting aspects of applying for a mortgage - understanding the complicated, overlapping and inconsistent mortgage disclosure documents - will soon become easier to endure. The


Yield spread premiums make endangered loan-fee species list

Newly-approved federal regulations target a mortgage brokerage and origination practice that experts say contributed heavily to the mortgage meltdown and ultimately the greatest recession since the Great Depression. Effective

Easier access to mortgage, closing costs

Three documents, crucial to the home buying transaction, give both the seller and the buyer a better fix on virtually all costs they can expect to face during

Part III: Title, escrow services under fire again

How not to demolish a buildingPart III of III: Shop around for title, escrow servicesConsumers don't have to wait for the Obama administration's proposed Consumer Financial Protection Agency

Part II: Title, escrow services under fire again

Dance-wedding video goes viralQuickie divorce video followsPart II of III: Title, escrow services necessaryTitle and escrow services come into play during the "closing" period of real estate transactions.

Part I: Title, escrow services under fire again

How to become a real journalistPart I of III: What is it, this time?After a long history of infractions, culminating in hundreds of millions of dollars in fines

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