First-timers, existing homeowners driving the housing recovery

Investors are officially no longer the big kids on the block as existing homeowners and first-timers whittle away at low housing inventories. The housing recovery also comes with homes that take less time to sell, amounts paid over the asking price that are rising and homes that are flying off the shelves.

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Rental property investments require cash, but much more valuable landlording skills

ADA VASSILOVSKI - In 2012, investment buyers, cashing in on affordable home prices, purchased the second highest share of all new and existing homes sold in a given


Vacation rental owners cashing in on Austin’s 2013 SXSW

The impending influx of South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW) visitors will give the Austin, TX vacation home rental market a big boost this spring. An estimated


FHA anti-flipping waiver now good through 2014

To help keep foreclosures moving through the home sales pipeline, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) has, for the fourth time, extended a rule to make it easier for


Is home buying a safe 2013 investment?

Q: I was wondering what your thoughts were in regards to buying a home today. What is your outlook for the housing market? We have seen prices jump


How to wait out creeping home equity gain

Home equity gain is good news, especially for underwater homeowners waiting to see home values return to and surpass their purchase cost. Unfortunately, homeowners who lost 50 percent or


Flipping without flopping

JIM LOWENSTERN - The promise of turning a quick, hefty profit on house flipping can be irresistible, but it takes a certain investment savvy not to flop on


Reemerged vacation property investment market paying dividends

"Even owners with properties in destinations where summer is typically an off-season have reported a good season in terms of occupancy." If you capitalized on news about the recovering


Don’t judge a foreclosure by its price

With home prices more affordable than ever, it stands to reason foreclosures are a steal. Not so fast. Foreclosures are selling at deep discounts, but those discounts can come with


Too few homes, too many buyers stunting growth in Monterey County housing market

Scant inventories are driving up home prices in Monterey County's recovering housing market, as investors snatch up what's available and leave the leftovers to traditional home buyers. Still, with

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Infographic: College town investments

It could be a better idea and a good investment to buy property in a town where your kid is going to school, instead of paying rent. In many


Real estate investments struggle, fail without strong renters

Without great property management you won’t have great tenants. And great tenants are the key to a successful real estate investment. Rental property sales are ripe and on the


First-time real estate investment strategy

If you don't have prior experience investing in a rental property, you'll need to start by asking yourself a few key questions. JIM LOWENSTERN - With home ownership more


Infographic: Is the cost of college worth it?

You bet your home equity college is worth what it costs. Experts say, higher education is one of the best reasons to tap your home equity - or


Infographic: LIBOR lies spawn LIBOR lessons

Apparently, LIBOR lying was not a secret on Wall Street. A CNN Money report this week, "Libor tinkering was no secret on Wall Street" reveals financial analysts reported the

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