Storage space seeking skills

Storage facilities are coming in handy these days. Given the low inventory of homes for sale, there can be a forced or strategic lag between the time you move from one home to another. During that period, you’ll need somewhere affordable to stash your stuff.

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Third-hand smoke is killing your home’s value

Second-hand smoke can injure, even kill those those who never even light up. Third-hand smoke - legal and illegal - is nearly as dangerous. It leaves the brown, tarred,


Home Sweet Man Cave

This guy didn't just turn one room into a man cave game room, home theater and full bar. Marc Bell has a house full of man caves. Apparently it stems


Site To See: Deck designs that don’t rock

One of the most important aspects of building a deck requires that you first do the math to determine the deck's load capacity. Earlier this week, during an NBA


Basement deserves special inspection scrutiny

HANS BRINGS - Basements aren't considered as glamorous as a hi-tech gourmet kitchen, gleaming custom bathrooms or well-manicured landscaping. But that lower level can be equally important to many

Next best thing in interior design, 'techorating'

Home improvements that improve your bottom line

KRISTIN BROWN - Whether or not you have plans to move to a new home in the future, it’s always wise to think about the home improvements that


The inside scoop on outdoor kitchens

KIM CLARK - Outdoor kitchens make dining al fresco at home more appealing than ever. A rebounding trend in outdoor living reveals more and more properties feature outdoor kitchens


Household pests can cost more than pest control

Household pests are icky, but that's not all. • An adult flea can bite up to 400 times a day. • Cockroaches can live for weeks without a head. • A


Cluttering up the American Dream

MEG SULLIVAN | UCLA (Originally published June 12, 2012) - It's the place to look for the plumber's phone number, the date of the next doctor's appointment,


Infographic: Go solar, save energy, increase home value, earn 200% return

The sun's rays can warm you all over - from your head to your toes and to your pocket book in between. Solar energy systems - typically solar panels


Silicon Valley nonprofit buys, rehabs homes for first-time, moderate-income home buyers

NHSSV - Allen and Erin Johnson were more than a little discouraged in their attempts to buy a home. Time after time, they would make an offer on


Why your neighbors hate you

Your dog's a pig, your lawn is scrub land, your driveway looks like a campground and your garage band sounds like someone is banging on all that junk


Cleaning house with ease

Cleaning you home is a dirty job, but somebody's got to do it. Finding someone to do it right, takes a "down and dirty" approach, if you get the


Cosmetic blunders that burn buyers

JESSI HALL - Prepping a home to sell? There's some serious work cut out for you because your property will elicit an immediate emotional response from buyers. To make


Infographic: Superior staging secrets that sell your home in a flash, help you prepare for easy move to next home

LILLIAN MONTALTO - Selling your home can be daunting. Once you decide to sell, you must be as prepared as possible for the moment your home hits the market. Just

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