Site To See: Deck designs that don’t rock

Decks need regular inspection as well as solid initial engineering to keep them safe and in usable working order, according to Rich Bergman, editor of Ideas For Deck Designs. He offers a load capacity calculator on a web site chock full of safe deck building information.

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Next best thing in interior design, 'techorating'

Home improvements that improve your bottom line

KRISTIN BROWN - Whether or not you have plans to move to a new home in the future, it’s always wise to think about the home improvements that


The inside scoop on outdoor kitchens

KIM CLARK - Outdoor kitchens make dining al fresco at home more appealing than ever. A rebounding trend in outdoor living reveals more and more properties feature outdoor kitchens


Infographic: Go solar, save energy, increase home value, earn 200% return

The sun's rays can warm you all over - from your head to your toes and to your pocket book in between. Solar energy systems - typically solar panels


Why your neighbors hate you

Your dog's a pig, your lawn is scrub land, your driveway looks like a campground and your garage band sounds like someone is banging on all that junk


Infographic: Roof repair doesn’t have to be over your head

If a stount Santa Claus is going to safely make his rounds with eight reindeer and a sleigh full of gifts, your roof needs to hold up under


Let Brainiacs paint your home, pay your mortgage for a year

Brainiacs from Mars will pay your mortgage for up to a year if you left them emblazon your home with their ads painted in bright colors that could


Home improvements that boost home sales

JEFF (J.R.) LEIGHTON - If you want to compete for buyers in today's hot market you have to invest in a simple facelift for your home - at


Home Improvements: How not to do it yourself

More than 1 million Americans a year wind up in the emergency room due to injuries related to home improvements, including garden care and maintenance, according to the


NARI Home Improvement Quiz: Will doing it yourself do you in?

The National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NARI) supports hard core do-it-yourselfers who know how to complete a job on time and within budget to add both value


Curb appeal for rental properties

When it comes to common-knowledge approaches to curb appeal, first impressions are lasting impressions, and property managers can build on that axiom to boost love-at-first-sight interest in rental


Appraising solar power’s true value

Hot on the heels of guidelines to help appraisers analyze the value of energy-efficient home features, the Appraisal Institute (AI) announced its support for a new tool to


Sensible Solar: What to consider before plugging into the sun

Now that there's a confirmed, true appraised value boost associated with solar panels installed on homes, more homeowners are using sun power, but they need to know how


Infographic: ‘Green’ homes, energy-saving upgrades factored into true, appraised home value

Installing a full-fledged solar panel system will get you a higher price when you sell your home, but if you can't afford to shell out tens of thousands


Should I add clover to my lawn?

GRANITE SEED -- Prior to the 1950s, clover was a part of most grass seed mixes for lawns. Clover’s ability to reseed itself and stay green was considered

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