Storage space seeking skills

Storage facilities are coming in handy these days. Given the low inventory of homes for sale, there can be a forced or strategic lag between the time you move from one home to another. During that period, you’ll need somewhere affordable to stash your stuff.

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Infographic: Superior staging secrets that sell your home in a flash, help you prepare for easy move to next home

LILLIAN MONTALTO - Selling your home can be daunting. Once you decide to sell, you must be as prepared as possible for the moment your home hits the market. Just


Fill your flat with slightly-used Olympic furnishings

No, you can't specifically request the dresser where gymnast Gabby "Flying Squirrel" Douglas stashed her gold medals, the desk chair where swimmer Michael Phelps sat tweeting about his

Next best thing in interior design, 'techorating'

Technology, interior design symbiosis spawns ‘techorating’ trend

ARA Content - Some interior design trends are hard to understand. That jagged piece of cement that is supposedly a chair or headache-inducing paint color may look great


Home Sweet Superbowl Archive

But first...some messages from the sponsors: • Spike TV • AdBlitz • USA Today • Hulu 2013 Sneak Peek ...and now, back to our show. DeadlineNews.Com invites you to step into our man cave for


Bromo sapiens knuckle-bump real estate value of man caves

Home Sweet Superbowl The overlap in major league sports seasons every fall prompts bromo sapiens to flock to a year-end rite of passage -- hunkering down in


On Father’s Day, retreat to a man cave

Home Sweet Superbowl Forget that breakfast-in-bed pampering Moms get on Mother's Day. Pops prefer primal hunkering down in spaces built for chest beating. To celebrate Father's Day, online real

Energy Star shines brighter after DOE crackdown

DeadlineNewsGroup here!How do you squeeze more energy efficiency out of your home appliances? Have the Department of Energy blow a fuse over manufacturers whose appliances don't make the

Staging in a box

Egyptians pan hymen-in-a-boxNo way related to staging-in-a-boxCall it "staging in a box." Now you can stage homes for sale with lightweight, collapsible chairs, sofas, tables, and beds that


Fire as art

Tomorrow's fireplace today is fire as art. Take the Xtreme. It's not enough to call Fireplace Xtrordinair's Xtreme a "fireplace." It just doesn't quite do it justice. The creation is

Stage One: Staging takes center stage

You don't have to be a star, baby to be in Beth Ann Shepherd's show (Apologies to Marilyn McCoo, the Fifth Dimension and those too young to remember.). Sheperd

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