Storage space seeking skills

Storage facilities are coming in handy these days. Given the low inventory of homes for sale, there can be a forced or strategic lag between the time you move from one home to another. During that period, you’ll need somewhere affordable to stash your stuff.

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Department of Justice sues Bank of America for $850 million in investor fraud case

U.S. DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE - Attorney General Eric Holder and U.S. Attorney for the Western District of North Carolina Anne M. Tompkins recently announced the United States has


Demystifying real estate terminology for homebuyers

KRISTIN BROWN - First-time home buyers can have a tough time sorting through real estate terms spewed by real estate agents, lenders, real estate attorneys and other real


Yum! July 21 is National Junk Food Day

Celebrating the gastronomical gunk we send down our gullet, July 21 is National Junk Food Day And you don't even have to change your couch potato position to partake


Infographic: Getting to know the Millennials, the next generation of homebuyers

Millennials are more likely to brag to a friend about a home automation system then newly renovated kitchen. Also known as "Gen Yers" or "Generation Y", they want smart


What to expect from your real estate attorney

Buying or selling a home is a complicated process loaded with mountains of paperwork and esoteric legalese. Navigating the ins and outs of the closing process can be particularly


Real estate transactions go green

KIM CLARK - It's easier than ever to put a green spin on housing, but not always quite how you may think. "Green" real estate often refers to planet-friendly


Most consumers misunderstand budgeting

Budgeting goes hand-in-hand with planning to buy a home, but many consumers don't make the connection. A survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) revealed 57 percent


Silicon Valley ‘second bubble’ a drop in a bucket of booming home prices

Drooping inventories, heavy demand, the lure of a major tech-mecca economy – and, yes, the weather – have combined to resurrect Silicon Valley's housing market. And it's off to


SF Bay Area home prices rise, sales fall as distressed share shrinks

San Francisco Bay Area home prices haven't been higher since 2008, but market conditions are less favorable for home sales. SF Bay Area home prices continued to rise in


National Mortgage Settlement compliance failures laced with 60,000 consumer complaints

Consumer advocates already knew banks were failing to comply with provisions of the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement, an agreement between mortgage lenders, states and the federal government


Racial, ethnic minorities face covert housing discrimination

β€œTo detect housing discrimination today, HUD and local fair housing organizations need to conduct proactive testing, especially in the sales market, where discrimination appears higher than in the


Shadow inventory unleashed could be good for business

The federal government holds more than 1.7 million distressed properties considered "shadow inventory" properties that many fear could disrupt the housing market if they were suddenly unleashed on


Home Sweet Man Cave

This guy didn't just turn one room into a man cave game room, home theater and full bar. Marc Bell has a house full of man caves. Apparently it stems


Short sale scammers still making the rounds

RAE CATANESE - If you've been struggling with your mortgage payments, miss a few and then get a call from an "investor" claiming a desire to buy your

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