The wolf was framed

A fractured fairy tale sets the record straight, revealing how three little pigs who couldn’t pay their mortgage became victims of their own despair in a slick video that isn’t really about housing. This is NOT a housing story.

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DeadlineNews.Com’s new backshop is under construction

DEADLINE NEWSROOM - The Deadline Newsroom and the Buzz Page are moving to one location. News and information about DeadlineNews.Com will soon be found under one roof. Where else,


Video: Hitler reacts to his newsroom getting iPhones

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That (2011) was the year that was in news

AOL - As the year winds down, the events of 2011 become water cooler conversation. Reflections of what happened in the world beyond one's front door take the


DeadlineNews.Com is real estate news media’s ‘credit union’

DEADLINE NEWSROOM - It's time to switch your real estate news source. Before 'Bank Transfer Day,' before 'Occupy Wall Street' and even before the housing market crashed and spawned


Magazines are broken iPads

Our minds are coded early in life. Technology is changing how they are coded, especially among the youngest generation. See what happens when a techno-baby attempts to connect


News media distrust up, but more trusted than other institutions

PEW RESEARCH CENTER - The news media is getting some bad press. Negative opinions about news organizations now equal or surpass all-time highs in nine of 12 core measures


Lifting editorial content for your blog or web site is a federal crime

DEADLINE NEWSROOM - Most real estate professionals who violate copyright laws say they didn't know they were breaking the law, a response that should raise some eyebrows, given

NAR economist 'put a positive spin' on doomed housing market

Remember when real estate industry leaders were trashing the media for too many "doom and gloom" stories at the onset of the housing bust? A well-positioned real estate industry

Real ‘Broderick?’ Please stand up

SILICON VALLEY - Deemed a "real estate expert," journalist Broderick Perkins, founder and owner of DeadlineNews.Com, was recently interviewed by an NBC11-Silicon Valley reporter working up a story

Housing market needs more, not less media coverage

Maybe the media does have a negative role in the current housing market -- just not necessarily as a spoiler. While some real estate industry leaders have called for

National housing bust for four more quarters

If you've been wondering when the housing market will turn around, Moody's says it has the answer -- early 2009 -- provided market conditions cooperate. The report, "Aftershock:


Media bashing and the real estate market

SPECIAL TO DEADLINENEWS.COM - As a regular media contributor to real estate issues for consumer consumption, I know I don't have to go into statistics to make my

Finding news that really hits home

Which of these three sets of comments are most relevant for housing consumers in today's real estate market? No. 1: "Builders cannot allow the national media to report what

Media still not responsible for housing woes

Implications the media is somehow to blame for the state of the housing market generates the mental image of a blind weasel doing the Shuffle. At first, it's novel,

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