Yum! July 21 is National Junk Food Day

You don’t even have to change your couch potato position to partake in National Junk Food Day, thanks to a YouTube Spotlight collection of recipe videos for Krispy Kreme donuts, Twinkies, Sausage & Egg McMuffin, potato chips and more.

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Home Sweet Man Cave

This guy didn't just turn one room into a man cave game room, home theater and full bar. Marc Bell has a house full of man caves. Apparently it stems


Jekyll-Hyde real estate agent force closes deal

There's something both benevolent and sinister about this real estate agent. You'd like to join him for a spot of tea, but you wouldn't want to meet him in


A paperless future? Fugedaboudit

Going paperless is saving zillions of trees and that goes a long way toward saving the planet. Using less paper reduces the use of fossil fuels to manufacture paper. Less


‘Harlem Shake’ shakes up real estate industry

No, those aren't real estate agents above. We'll get to that later. After our Movoto Harlem Shake story earlier this week, we were surprised at a recent Silicon Valley


‘Harlem Shake’ Movoto style

Forget flash mobs. Move over Gangnam Style. The Harlem Shake is the new public performance art gone viral. Even the real estate industry is getting into the act. Take a look


Pecking Order: Pigeon Bowl tops Pro Bowl

We knew we held onto the Pigeon Bowl video for a reason. The NFL's Pro Bowl. We don't have any sports writers on staff, but as football fans, we've seen


Infographic: Toilet danger lurks in the bathroom

You don't always get relief when you go to the bathroom. Fatalities, injuries, accidents and other mishaps have been associated with bathroom toilets. Every year there are more than 40,000


Infographic: The cost of the ‘12 Days of Christmas’

’You love 'em, you hate 'em. "The 12 Days of Christmas" is a warm-hearted ditty about gifts of love, but following the tune to express your love will


Facebook breast ban catches an elbow

No. You aren't seeing what you think you are seeing, but go ahead, fantasize. The woman is resting her elbow on the side of the bathtub. An eZine "Theories of The


2012 Electoral College vote map satires national election outcome

An Electoral College vote map making the social networking rounds paints a grim picture of a divided nation. Though perhaps not as personally biting as the San Francisco Bay


Laughing off the presidential election

By now, you likely just want the national election to be over so the nation can get on with what's to come and you can get on with


Where you are most likely to experience ‘connectile dysfunction’ and lose your grip on your iPhone

In an effort to sell you a protection plan for your iPhone, an electronics and appliance warranty provider scoped out where you are most likely to experience 'connectile


Haunted house listings tempt one in three, scare off more

One in three homeowners, 32 percent, say they "ain't afraid of no ghosts" and would consider buying a home perceived to be haunted. Another 33 percent said "maybe," but


‘Replacement Referees’ vs. Replacement Realtors

If you don't live on Mars, you already know what happens in professional football when the National Football League (NFL) sidelines professional referees and sends in the replacements. Chaos A

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