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Homeownership counseling can save your most valuable asset

Homeownership counseling has become as necessary for homeownership as the money you’ll need to invest in what’s likely your most valuable asset. A three-part series explains why.

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DeadlineNews.Com Poll: More jobs, stronger economy necessary for robust real estate recovery

DEADLINENEWSROOM - It's a no brainer. We've said so all along and, apparently, our readers agree: Millions of jobs and real, staunch economic growth - not easy-money from lenders,


Journalists have what it takes to thrive in content marketing

DEADLINE NEWSROOM - Most struggling journalists already have the skill set necessary - with a little retooling - to join the content marketing parade. And they might as well,


Original income tax return displays historic role of real estate as economic cornerstone

With conspicuous inclusion of real property on the income and tax deductions pages, the original 1913 Internal Revenue Bureau (IRB) Form 1040 reveals real estate's historic and prominent


What’s Amanda Seyfried got to do with real estate on Valentine’s Day?

Or: Valentine's Day Real Estate Report: Broker dumps Seyfried, towns with romantic names, delivering a house of candy hearts Take an assignment to marry one of the most commercialized


TV’s leading haunted house is a disclosure nightmare

A house of horrors is the real lead character in the new FX suspense drama "American Horror Story," which, in early episodes, finds its owners trying to illegally


Lifting editorial content for your blog or web site is a federal crime

DEADLINE NEWSROOM - Most real estate professionals who violate copyright laws say they didn't know they were breaking the law, a response that should raise some eyebrows, given

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