Real estate transactions go green

“Green” real estate often refers to planet-friendly construction materials, energy efficiency and sustainability in both form and function for new and existing homes, but it also refers to today’s digital approach to real estate transactions.

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Infographic: Go solar, save energy, increase home value, earn 200% return

The sun's rays can warm you all over - from your head to your toes and to your pocket book in between. Solar energy systems - typically solar panels


Infographic: Keep your house from taking you to the cleaners

Even when no one is home, your house can waste energy and that's big money. It's like your home throwing its own house party and chugging energy to get


Neighborhoods that fit in a pocket

Raines Cohen lives in a 685-square foot home in Berkeley, CA where residents helped resurrect a 1900s-era farm property with 15 restored properties that house 32 residents. Called the


San Jose outdoor smoking ban extended to patios, waiting lines, condo commons

NEIGHBORWEBSJ - This summer, smokers enjoying a cup of coffee or a cocktail at a restaurant outdoor patio will not legally be able to light up. Patio smoking will


Infographic: Why some homes sell faster

Nationwide, more indicators point to a market on the verge of recovery, but deals aren't done until escrow closes. Home inspection finds, underwriting fails and early onset buyer's remorse


Appraising solar power’s true value

Hot on the heels of guidelines to help appraisers analyze the value of energy-efficient home features, the Appraisal Institute (AI) announced its support for a new tool to


Sensible Solar: What to consider before plugging into the sun

Now that there's a confirmed, true appraised value boost associated with solar panels installed on homes, more homeowners are using sun power, but they need to know how


American Dream more sustainable with smaller carbon footprint

The latest study extolling the intrinsic value found in green homes puts energy efficiency at the top of the list of features buyers most desire. The Yahoo! Home Horizon


Infographic: ‘Green’ homes, energy-saving upgrades factored into true, appraised home value

Installing a full-fledged solar panel system will get you a higher price when you sell your home, but if you can't afford to shell out tens of thousands


Should I add clover to my lawn?

GRANITE SEED -- Prior to the 1950s, clover was a part of most grass seed mixes for lawns. Clover’s ability to reseed itself and stay green was considered


Technology use in the home undercutting energy savings

Geeking out at home will cost you. If your home is loaded with new technology, you'll have to work harder to squeeze energy savings from your home. More consumer


Buyers paying a premium for solar homes

A residential solar panel system can literally pay for itself, not from reduced utility bills, but from its selling price. Home buyers bent on reducing their carbon footprint

Go ‘green’ doing it yourself

Simple do-it-yourself home improvements can turn your listing into a much more valuable sale this spring. Make those upgrades "green" and some of the work will both extend value

Energy Star shines brighter after DOE crackdown

DeadlineNewsGroup here!How do you squeeze more energy efficiency out of your home appliances? Have the Department of Energy blow a fuse over manufacturers whose appliances don't make the

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