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Infographic: How to rent your existing home to cover an underwater mortgage

Underwater homeowners can cash in on rising rents by renting out their existing home to move up, down or sideways to a different home or affordable rental and avoid selling at a loss – for now.

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Infographic: Buying a new home vs. a used home, a new home vs. renting

Consider purchasing a home and the choice between buying a newly built home or buying an existing home inevitably arises. In a potentially self-serving infographic, Schumacher Homes' data leans


Infographic: Renting three times as expensive as owning in many metros

It's easier to land a rental home than a mortgage to buy one, but monthly rent is three times as expensive as the monthly cost of home ownership


Infographic: Rent-vs-buy decision more than the cost of housing

Rents are skyrocketing and if you are considering moving out from your parents home, moving over from homeownership or just changing rental housing, get a move on. Of the


More renters move up to home ownership, still more returning to the nest

In another sign of the housing recovery times, the trend of renters moving out to own homes is picking up speed at a pace not seen in 18


Two-year apartment industry recovery continues

NATIONAL MULTI HOUSING COUNCIL - Market conditions continued to improve for the multifamily industry across all areas, according to the latest National Multi Housing Council (NMHC) Quarterly Survey


Silicon Valley’s ‘Facebook Factor’

More talk about Facebook than football at a recent Super Bowl party indicates the upcoming Facebook IPO has the potential for far-reaching impact on Silicon Valley's housing market. But


Underwater homeowners renting out to move up, over or down

• Silicon Valley's Julie Larsen Wyss, a broker associate with Intero Real Estate Services, recently met a couple who wanted to buy one of her listings, but had


Rental market humming at pre-recession levels

The residential rental market is perhaps one of the few, if not the only, economic sectors firing on all cylinders in a full-recovery mode. If you are planning to


Home ownership beats renting, if you can get a loan in today's market

A new report says the cost of home ownership is a better deal than renting in three out of four U.S. cities. It assumes buying a home is easier

Volatile rental market could make, break homeownership plans

The rent-vs-buy decision is more than a calculated comparison of financial costs. It's also about timing. Right now, home prices continue to fall, but rents are on the rise and

Should you buy a home or rent one?

It's time to dust off and crank up that rent-vs-buy calculator. The housing market is mixed with some areas offering homes to buy that are cheaper than renting. Other

Most say it’s a good time to buy, fewer see housing as a good investment

Most Americans believe the housing market has hit the bottom and that it's a good time to buy, in part because many also think rents will rise faster

Even home owners choose renting over owning

With the chances of home value appreciation looking dim, the continued risk of foreclosure and the cost of maintenance growing as a home ages, maybe owning a home

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