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Silicon Valley ‘second bubble’ a drop in a bucket of booming home prices

Drooping inventories, heavy demand, cheap, but not easy money, the lure of a major tech-mecca economy – and, yes, the weather – have combined to resurrect Silicon Valley’s housing market where home prices in many sectors of the market have returned to and exceeded peak prices of the last boom.

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Callifornia’s May equity sales up; REO share in single-digits

Prices boom, sales falter   CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS – The share of equity sales in California continued to grow in May, making up nearly four of every five home


National Mortgage Settlement compliance failures laced with 60,000 consumer complaints

Consumer advocates already knew banks were failing to comply with provisions of the $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement, an agreement between mortgage lenders, states and the federal government


Shadow inventory unleashed could be good for business

The federal government holds more than 1.7 million distressed properties considered "shadow inventory" properties that many fear could disrupt the housing market if they were suddenly unleashed on


Short sale scammers still making the rounds

RAE CATANESE - If you've been struggling with your mortgage payments, miss a few and then get a call from an "investor" claiming a desire to buy your


Is the residential real estate inventory shortgage real?

For the past few months there has been a steady stream of reports that the real estate marketplace somehow has an inventory shortage. This simply isn't possible when at


First-timers, existing homeowners driving the housing recovery

Forget the golden goose investor-element that's helping fuel the housing recovery. Potential buyers? Your fence sitting days are numbered. Many investors are largely bottom feeders (buy low, rent and or


$70.1 million in counseling funds to help 193,000 families

NEIGHBORWORKS AMERICA - NeighborWorks America (NWA) today announced that $70.1 million has been awarded to 30 state housing finance agencies (HFAs), 17 HUD-approved housing counseling intermediaries, and 72


Short sale lease back alternative to foreclosure available

Ask any underwater homeowner to tell you their biggest fear about selling their home and moving on and you get two answers: "I will never buy again." "I will not


Jekyll-Hyde real estate agent force closes deal

There's something both benevolent and sinister about this real estate agent. You'd like to join him for a spot of tea, but you wouldn't want to meet him in


4.2 million Independent Foreclosure Review-related payments up to $125,000 begin today

FEDERAL RESERVE BOARD - Payments to 4.2 million borrowers are scheduled to begin today April 12 following an agreement reached by the Office of the Comptroller of the


Lingering economic fallout, mortgage servicing violations prolong housing recovery for many Americans

It should come as no surprise that nearly 80 percent of Americans aren't buying the housing recovery and many of them think the worst is still yet to


Freddie Mac offers delinquent borrowers streamlined modification

Struggling homeowners are getting a big break this summer from Freddie Mac's and Fannie Mae's Streamlined Modification program. Eligible borrowers won't have to submit documentation, but can accept a


Why your neighbors hate you

Your dog's a pig, your lawn is scrub land, your driveway looks like a campground and your garage band sounds like someone is banging on all that junk


Tips for first-time landlords

You can't or don't want to sell your existing home. You can move to another home for less than the income you could get for renting your home.

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