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Burns’ upbeat 2013 forecast for home buyers could go over a fiscal cliff

John Burns recently based his rosy 2013 real estate forecast for buyers on Capital Hill’s residents coming to an agreement that will prevent the economy from falling off a fiscal cliff. The forecast comes with the fiscal cliff still looming.

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All-cash sales nosedive in Silicon Valley

MARY POPE-HANDY - All cash-driven bidding wars are subsiding in Silicon Valley and that's welcome news for weary home buyers frustrated and discouraged by the competition. In the past


Will the FHA ease condo certification rules, allow more condo buyers to use low-down payment FHA loans?

Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guidelines for condominium loans continue to depress condo sales at a time when the more buyers could seek out condos as a more affordable


More renters move up to home ownership, still more returning to the nest

In another sign of the housing recovery times, the trend of renters moving out to own homes is picking up speed at a pace not seen in 18


Silicon Valley home buyers: ‘Bigger ain’t necessarily better, baby’

From young, qualified first-time home buyers to 50-and-olders, moving, up, over or down, a new breed of buyer is descending upon the Silicon Valley Housing market. They've worked hard


Mortgage co-signing pros, cons

If you are unable to meet mortgage lenders' tight underwriting guidelines, teaming up with a co-signer can be a solution. Co-signer vs. co-borrowers According to the Federal Housing Administration


Landing a home loan with a credit-challenged partner

Buying a home with another person - spouse, partner, friend or investor - also means landing a home loan for two. But what if one partner has stellar

Married couples ready to take another plunge

This time they aren't putting the moves on each other. Eighty-six percent of married couples who rent plan to purchase their first home within the next five years and

How much home can you get for $200,000?

Fresno, CA home listed for $200,000 Inventories bulging with discounted properties and historically low interest rates are sending a distinct “buyer’s market” signal to first-timers, move-up buyers and investors

California’s improved home buyer tax credit a day late, but still great

A repeat windfall for home buyers, and once considered as hopeless as a balanced budget in the Golden State, California's popular home buyer tax credit is back --

Real estate resolutions for 2010

Sure you can loose weight, get in shape, launch a business or find a new job. But haven't you also procrastinated long enough about buying a home? How long has

CalHFA offers new 95% LTV mortgage

First-time home buyers should take a look at California Housing Finance Agency's (CalHFA) new home loan option, the Cal30, a fixed-rate, 30-year loan that will finance up to

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