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More than one in four Americans ignore evacuation orders, most don’t have disaster plan, survival kit

One in four Americans have had their homes damaged by a natural disaster, but more than one in four would stay put if ordered to evacuate when disaster looms. Even more don’t have a survival kit or even a disaster plan.

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Flood insurance program reauthorization overshadowed by jobs, student loans

When President Barack Obama recently signed a massive, job-creating transportation bill, which also held down interest rates on student loans, the bill also extended the National Flood Insurance


Buy homeowner’s insurance to fit your lifestyle

First-time home buyers, established homeowners, empty nesters and others in various stages of life need homeowners insurance that fits - not coverage that's unnecessary. Policies tailored to fit


HO insurance goes to school

When your kid goes off to college, he or she can leave under the protective umbrella of your homeowners insurance policy -- if you properly open the canopy. The

New trends up cost of homeowners insurance

What does Chinese drywall, living in coastal areas, lower home prices and credit scores have in common? They are all issues that can cost you more in homeowners insurance,

Renting a room for a fast buck? Think twice

If hard times has you renting out that empty room for some fast cash, you could be opening the door to a lot more cost, not less. The Insurance

Eat, drink, be wary at holiday house parties

Eat, drink, but be wary at home during holiday festivities. Collect car keys at the door, check your insurance policy, skip the oxycontin sales, hire a host, serve no-buzz

Housing special event-goers short term? Beware!

Not long ago, property managers were pitching Pebble Beach, CA home owners the idea of renting their homes when the U.S. Open next visits the Monterey County area

Should you house sporting, special event fans?

When the Superbowl, U.S. Open, World Series, Olympics, and other major sporting and entertainment events come to town, the community cashes in on an influx of visitors dining,


Reexamine your risk for flood

Flood insurance is only mandated for properties in high-risk flood zones, but even if you live in a low- or moderate-risk area, you should bone up on the

Vacant home insurance alert

Here's a market twist you probably overlooked: It may be cheaper -- and safer -- to keep a home for sale occupied, especially if it doesn't sell soon

SoCal wildfires won’t scorch insurance premiums

There's some good news on the home insurance front. After disaster hits, you expect homeowners insurance policy rates to rise, but that's not what's happening in California. Southern California's devastating


Spooky season for under-insured homeowners

Kids cavorting carelessly across your property. Playful pranks that become acts of vandalism. Party guests over doing it. Halloween can be scary. Before you put out the Halloween treats and

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