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President Obama’s second term, housing and the national recovery

In a rare second-term election for a president facing national economic turmoil, President Barack Obama got a boost from the recovery in the housing market – a cornerstone of the economy. Now what?

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The ‘Buffett Rule’ explained

THE WHITE HOUSE - Under the current U.S. tax system, a number of millionaires pay a smaller percentage of their income in taxes than a significant proportion of


Voters seek candidates who champion housing

Candidates running for office in 2012 had better put their housing game on the table. From tiny towns to the national electorate, voters have been clear about who


Voters strongly support Wall Street reform

AARP – Voters broadly and strongly support Wall Street reform. They support it in principle, they support it in law, they support the individual components of the reform

It’s housing, stupid

Focus like a laser beam on housing. Just writing down all of California's underwater mortgages to market value would pump more than $20 billion into the state, create more

Voters united over homeownership

The message American voters recently sent to legislators in Washington D.C. is pretty clear: "Don't make home ownership any more difficult than it already is." Voters who are homeowners

Housing to take center stage in 2012 election

Housing-related tax breaks are as American as apple pie and politicians who want to cut the tax perks that come with housing may want to consider another line

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