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Smooth moves prevent identity theft

Moving can be an overwhelming and distracting experience that creates opportunities for enterprising criminals to steal your identity.

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Power up your passwords with more protection against hackers

On your next double dinner date, look around the table. Three of you are vulnerable to hacker attacks because you didn't use much imagination creating online passwords. Consumer Reports


Identity thieves are preying on your children

Children, more and more often, are being targeted by identity thieves because kids have clean financial records that allow identity thieves to fly under the radar for years

ID theft can bring you to tears

It's not just about losing money to identity theft. And it's more than the time-is-money spent recovering from the ordeal. ID theft is also emotionally trying. When the National Foundation for

ID theft hits home

A growing number of crooks who steal your identity don't swipe your personal information to pilfer from your financial accounts. They want to get their hands on your home

How to stop ID theft, cold

A well-measured program of preventive steps can protect your identity from theft. ID theft-related fraud fell by 12 percent in 2007 and 300,000 fewer adults were victims, according to

Preventing ID thieves from stealing innocence

Kids have become easy targets for ID thieves because of exposure offered by popular social networking sites on the Internet. In their naiveté, kids are also too often

Final ‘Red Flag’ rules set to wave off ID theft

Preemptive federal "red flag" regulations, designed to strike at identity theft in its earliest stages, rolls out this year. Beginning Jan. 1, 2008, with all federally regulated financial institutions

New ID theft study blames strangers

Don't let a new identity theft study confuse your approach to warding off the crooks. No matter the source of the pilfering, the fundamentals of ID theft prevention

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