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California Realtors push for state-level mortgage debt forgiveness tax relief

The California Association of Realtors (CAR) is lobbying to reinstall California’s expired mortgage debt forgiveness tax relief, which expired Dec. 31, along with the federal version.

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Congress passes fiscal cliff bill with mortgage debt forgiveness tax relief, home-related tax benefits intact

The U.S House of Representatives followed the U.S. Senate vote, passing the fiscal cliff bill as drafted by the Senate. The House voted 256 for, 166 against the


Senate fiscal cliff bill retains mortgage cancellation relief, home-related tax benefits; House stalls for spending cuts

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS - Tax rates would remain the same for most households and mortgage cancellation relief is extended in a budget package passed by the U.S.


Congress to consider extending Mortgage Debt Relief Act, renewing mortgage insurance tax deduction

When U.S. Congress reconvenes today on Capital Hill, the Mortgage Debt Relief Act (MDRA) of 2007 will be on the docket for a shot at an extension through


Site to See | Infographic: When is walking away from your mortgage right for you?

Strategic defaults are on the rise. They occur when the homeowner decides, for whatever reason, enough is enough and they stop paying their mortgage - even though they can


Investors fueling housing recovery, first-time buyers back off

More cash rich investors, with a growing penchant for short sales, are energizing the housing market. All-cash sales rose to 33 percent of transactions in February from 31 percent


Obama budget proposes Mortgage Debt Relief Act extension

The Mortgage Debt Relief Act (MDRA) of 2007 is getting a vote of confidence from the Obama Administration. And that could save you tens of thousands of dollars. (Update: "Congress


Short sale, foreclosure, other debt forgiveness beyond 2012 could cost you tens of thousands of dollars

It may not be the end of the world, but in 2012, when the Mortgage Debt Relief Act (MDRA) of 2007 expires, it will end one of the

New tax breaks, on the house

Talk about tax shelters. When it comes to paying your dues in Club America, your home likely provides the best discount going. Your home offers more tax relief than any

12 tax breaks, on the house

Your home is more than just a shelter from the elements. It's also a tax shelter -- about a dozen times over. Here's an introduction to the 12 most common

Mortgage insurance tax deduction extended

Effective January 1, 2008, the "Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007," says, for those eligible, no taxes will be owed on any mortgage debt on a principal

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