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Mortgage reform amends ‘Ability-to-Repay’ rule

Federal Ability-to-Repay rule amendments and modifications should help garner greater access to credit by creating certain exemptions for small creditors, community development leaders and housing stabilization programs.

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Mortgage reform targets incentives to sell toxic loans

On mortgage reform: "One of the reasons for the collapse was that mortgage borrowers were steered towards high-cost and risky loans they had no real chance of paying


Mortgage reform targets high-cost mortgages

The Ability to Repay rule and Qualified Mortgages (QM) aren't the only mortgage reform rules coming down the pike. The landmark overhaul of federal mortgage regulations also includes protections


Ability to repay ‘Qualified Mortgages’ centerpiece of landmark mortgage reform

A landmark overhaul of federal mortgage regulations is on its way to help prevent the kind of abusive mortgage practices that contributed to bringing down the housing market


Q&A: What is the ‘Qualified Mortgage’ rule?

The Qualified Mortgage (QM) rule, also called the "Ability To Repay" rule, is the first-ever attempt at defining and establishing qualifying standards for borrowers applying for mortgage loans.  Under


‘Qualified Mortgage’ remains a qualified quandary

Bank executives are talking about it, credit union officials are talking about it, loan officers are talking about it, even the president and presidential candidate are talking about it. It's the so-called "qualified


Government-mandated down payments would block creditworthy home buyers

CENTER FOR RESPONSIBLE LENDING - As federal regulators consider setting down-payment standards on new mortgages, a new study shows such rules could push 60 percent of creditworthy borrowers


‘Qualified Residential Mortgage’ creating underwriting quandary

Overwhelming bipartisan support could loosen the shackles of mandatory regulatory change coming for mortgages, but probably not enough to allow consumers to escape the mortgage money squeeze they


Could you qualify for a ‘Qualified Residential Mortgage?’

If you think mortgage money is tight right now, get a load of what could be coming. On Capital Hill legislators, lobbyists, real estate industry experts and others are

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