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Apartment developers target Millennials

The apartment housing sector isn’t about to be left out of the Millennial movement. A huge demographic group, 80 million strong and aged about 13 to 35, is now entering prime renter age and they don’t want the rentals their parents lived in.

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Infographic: Buying a new home vs. a used home, a new home vs. renting

Consider purchasing a home and the choice between buying a newly built home or buying an existing home inevitably arises. In a potentially self-serving infographic, Schumacher Homes' data leans


Infographic: Renting three times as expensive as owning in many metros

It's easier to land a rental home than a mortgage to buy one, but monthly rent is three times as expensive as the monthly cost of home ownership


SF Bay Area ‘Rents Gone Wild’

It's obscene. The annual cost of rent in Silicon Valley has risen an average $9,000 over the past 18 months. Since January 2011, the nine county San Francisco Bay

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