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Latest real estate scam turns for sale homes into ‘for rent’ homes

Is it time for the real estate industry to cut ties with Craigslist and other websites that don’t police their ads or take action against violators? It the industry moving to fast with digital marketing?

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Apartment developers target Millennials

The apartment housing sector isn't about to be left out of the Millennial movement. A huge demographic group, 80 million strong and aged about 13 to 35, is now


Rental property investments require cash, but much more valuable landlording skills

ADA VASSILOVSKI - In 2012, investment buyers, cashing in on affordable home prices, purchased the second highest share of all new and existing homes sold in a given


Vacation rental owners cashing in on Austin’s 2013 SXSW

The impending influx of South by Southwest Music Conference and Festival (SXSW) visitors will give the Austin, TX vacation home rental market a big boost this spring. An estimated


Tips for first-time landlords

You can't or don't want to sell your existing home. You can move to another home for less than the income you could get for renting your home.


Infographic: How to rent your existing home to cover an underwater mortgage

Homeowners stuck with a mortgage larger than the value of their home, can cash in on rising rents by renting out their existing home to move up, down


Too few homes, too many buyers stunting growth in Monterey County housing market

Scant inventories are driving up home prices in Monterey County's recovering housing market, as investors snatch up what's available and leave the leftovers to traditional home buyers. Still, with


Real estate investments struggle, fail without strong renters

Without great property management you won’t have great tenants. And great tenants are the key to a successful real estate investment. Rental property sales are ripe and on the


First-time real estate investment strategy

If you don't have prior experience investing in a rental property, you'll need to start by asking yourself a few key questions. JIM LOWENSTERN - With home ownership more


Multi-family boom poised to lead homeownership rebound

The American Dream of homeownership may be comatose, but it is not dead, and the wake-up call will come in the form of higher rents. DAVID SHULMAN, UCLA -


SF Bay Area ‘Rents Gone Wild’

It's obscene. The annual cost of rent in Silicon Valley has risen an average $9,000 over the past 18 months. Since January 2011, the nine county San Francisco Bay


Infographic: Mashup offers insight on landlord, tenant wants, needs, gripes, issues

What renters want. The most annoying rule in rental living. The most common complaint landlords hear. How likely you are to get evicted. There's no particular single theme to


Infographic: Rent-vs-buy decision more than the cost of housing

Rents are skyrocketing and if you are considering moving out from your parents home, moving over from homeownership or just changing rental housing, get a move on. Of the


SILVAR: Consumer alert on fraudulent rental advertisements

SILICON VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS - The Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SILVAR), the local trade association representing over 4,000 members engaged in the real estate business on


Rents’ pedal to the metal

LAWRENCE YUN - By now most are aware of the rising rent phenomenon. Our survey indicated only a sliver of the market will see falling rents, with a vast

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