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Latest real estate scam turns for sale homes into ‘for rent’ homes

Is it time for the real estate industry to cut ties with Craigslist and other websites that don’t police their ads or take action against violators? It the industry moving to fast with digital marketing?

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California Homeowner Bill of Rights effective Jan. 1, 2013

New consumer protections for California homeowners are effective Jan. 1 2013. The California Homeowner Bill of Rights (CHBR), extends key mortgage and foreclosure protections to California homeowners and


Burns’ upbeat 2013 forecast for home buyers could go over a fiscal cliff

John Burns of John Burns Real Estate Consulting recently based a rosy 2013 forecast for home buyers on the premise that Capital Hill's residents will come to an


Infographic: How to rent your existing home to cover an underwater mortgage

Homeowners stuck with a mortgage larger than the value of their home, can cash in on rising rents by renting out their existing home to move up, down


Multi-family boom poised to lead homeownership rebound

The American Dream of homeownership may be comatose, but it is not dead, and the wake-up call will come in the form of higher rents. DAVID SHULMAN, UCLA -


Infographic: Mashup offers insight on landlord, tenant wants, needs, gripes, issues

What renters want. The most annoying rule in rental living. The most common complaint landlords hear. How likely you are to get evicted. There's no particular single theme to


Infographic: Rent-vs-buy decision more than the cost of housing

Rents are skyrocketing and if you are considering moving out from your parents home, moving over from homeownership or just changing rental housing, get a move on. Of the


SILVAR: Consumer alert on fraudulent rental advertisements

SILICON VALLEY ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS - The Silicon Valley Association of Realtors (SILVAR), the local trade association representing over 4,000 members engaged in the real estate business on


More renters move up to home ownership, still more returning to the nest

In another sign of the housing recovery times, the trend of renters moving out to own homes is picking up speed at a pace not seen in 18


Infographic: Mobile apps essential for real estate professionals, housing consumers

Email, a web site, a blog, and social networking accounts aren't enough for individual real estate professionals to attract the most tech-savvy buyers, sellers and renters. Consider adding an


Rental scams working both sides of the street, long-, short-term rentals

What could be worse? A. You've loaded up the truck with your family's belongings, you pull up to your new apartment and knock on the door, only to discover

worldglobe goes abroad, adds rental listings

Capitalizing on the growing number of home buyers from abroad, is delivering its millions of domestic listings to buyers around the world, while showcasing listings from foreign


Rental market booming with new construction, renters spending increasingly more for housing than homeowners

More proof the rental market is firing on all cylinders: multifamily housing construction is up and renters are paying an ever larger share of their income for housing,


Rental market humming at pre-recession levels

The residential rental market is perhaps one of the few, if not the only, economic sectors firing on all cylinders in a full-recovery mode. If you are planning to

Volatile rental market could make, break homeownership plans

The rent-vs-buy decision is more than a calculated comparison of financial costs. It's also about timing. Right now, home prices continue to fall, but rents are on the rise and

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