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Strategic defaults replacing the thrill of home ownership

America’s star crossed love affair with home ownership is giving way to the infidelity of strategic defaults. In the second report in as many months, a growing number of bank risk officials expect strategic defaults to exceed 2011 levels. Credit [...]

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Site to See | Infographic: When is walking away from your mortgage right for you?

Strategic defaults are on the rise. They occur when the homeowner decides, for whatever reason, enough is enough and they stop paying their mortgage - even though they can


Strategic defaults on the rise, unfortunately

Apparently, homeowners aren't getting the message that strategic defaults are anything but strategic. A growing number of homeowners say, even if they can afford to make mortgage payments, they


Why a strategic default is never strategic

JOY BENDER - San Diego short sale real estate agent Joy Bender has launched a campaign to educate high-end homeowners on the alternatives to strategic default. A strategic default


Underwater? Walking away from your mortgage could really sink you

Home owners who are "underwater" with their home loan and seek to come up for air by walking away from the debt, could still be gasping for relief


Expect fallout from a strategic default

When you decide to quit making mortgage payments and walk away from home ownership, you are taking a walk down a slippery path. It's a path to a


FICO study for lenders inadvertently creates blueprint for strategic defaults

An early warning system to help lenders detect impending strategic defaults could serve as a blueprint for homeowners considering walking away from their mortgage and that could encourage


Most Americans thumbs down on ‘strategic defaults’

The fallout you can expect from walking away from home ownership could include the ire of your neighbors. Even if you are 'underwater' -- owing more on your mortgage


More than one in three say it’s OK to walk away from mortgage

The majority of Americans, say it's "unacceptable" for homeowners to stop making their mortgage payments and abandon their homes, but more than a third, 36 percent, say "walking

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