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HAMP, MHAP programs extended through 2015

The Obama Administration has announced an extension, through December 31, 2015, on its successful Making Home Affordable (MHAP) Programs, including other provisions of the Home Affordable Modification Program.

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DeadlineNews.Com’s offsite National Mortgage Settlement coverage

DEADLINE NEWSROOM - DeadlineNews.Com is committed to following the National Mortgage Settlement with stories appearing here and elsewhere. Our National Mortgage Settlement coverage here, on DeadlineNews.Com, is bolstered by


Short sale lease back alternative to foreclosure available

Ask any underwater homeowner to tell you their biggest fear about selling their home and moving on and you get two answers: "I will never buy again." "I will not


Tips for first-time landlords

You can't or don't want to sell your existing home. You can move to another home for less than the income you could get for renting your home.


Reason to give thanks: Many Silicon Valley home values have returned to 2005 levels

The wait for the return to "pre-recession home prices" is over in some Silicon Valley neighborhoods. Happy Thanksgiving. However, that pre-recession price has yet to wipe out equity losses homeowners


How to wait out creeping home equity gain

Home equity gain is good news, especially for underwater homeowners waiting to see home values return to and surpass their purchase cost. Unfortunately, homeowners who lost 50 percent or


Infographic: How to rent your existing home to cover an underwater mortgage

Homeowners stuck with a mortgage larger than the value of their home, can cash in on rising rents by renting out their existing home to move up, down


Infographic: President Obama harps on HARP 3.0

"It’s a plan that has the support of independent, nonpartisan economists and leaders across the housing industry, but Republicans in Congress worked to keep it from even getting


Citizen Law: ‘There Ought to be A Law’ program generates foreclosure disclosure law for renters, adds to California’s landmark Homeowner Bill of Rights

"The Internet is full of horror stories of tenants moving into properties and quickly finding out that their home is up for auction." A year ago, San Jose resident


Are banks gaming the National Mortgage Settlement?

The $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement has been criticized as a "drop in the bucket" toward relief for homeowners abused by foreclosing lenders and some critics wonder if


FHFA’s HAFA II offers more short sale relief for more homeowners

Enhanced short sale guidelines for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac loans will enable more struggling homeowners to short sell their home faster and avoid foreclosure. The new rules include


Infographic: National Mortgage Settlement a ‘drop in the bucket’

The $25 billion National Mortgage Settlement may be the largest ever such settlement, but when it comes to the level of negative equity suffered by American households nationwide,


Higher home prices salvaging underwater homes; homeowners unable to sell, contribute to equity recovery

Rising home prices are slowly pulling home owners back from the brink of financial disaster, giving them hope lost equity could return sooner than thought. Perhaps inadvertently, homeowners are


Gov. Brown signs California Homeowner Bill of Rights law

LOS ANGELES - Attorney General Kamala D. Harris, the driving force behind the legislation, announced that the California Homeowner Bill of Rights, which will protect homeowners and


Californians get ‘Homeowner Bill of Rights’

CALIFORNIA REINVESTMENT COALITION - California's state legislature voted this week to pass the Homeowner Bill of Rights, legislation introduced by Attorney General Kamala D. Harris and championed by

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